A Friendly Hello

From Team AGT, we pray you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving  holiday! We’ve been working on more projects and behind-the-scene vids for you all, so if you haven’t already, be sure to follow us via the social networks listed below:

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Have a great weekend, all!

Signed, the Lady Demure


Hey guys, I hope you all are having a great day thus far! These past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, so I’m anticipating on the arrival of the weekend! (Laughs) AGT just wanted to give you all a quick update on everything. From school, work, meetings, networking, and MORE meetings, we’re creating some amazing things for you to see!! We have a few projects lined up, so we’re thrilled about that. If you haven’t checked out our official Tumblr page, be sure to check it out here–> [http://agentlemenstouch101.tumblr.com]


Also, for all of the love we’ve received, we appreciate it all tremendously!! #AGT Be sure to stay update via social networks for recent updates as well.

                                                                      Be blessed, AGT

Greetings & Salutations

Claus the Ghanaian representation from Staunton, VA who brings a culture to a free country. Claus has a smooth but stern demeanor to compliment his dress at times; I wouldn’t put a design to style past him.


Isaac; he is enveloped in skill and craft. Isaac enjoys fashion and style and will go any length to discover the ins and outs of the art. Isaac will raise the bar, will cooperate and show a commitment to push the potential in this team.


Darius has the appeal that young girls would be attracted to and young dudes would say, “That’s my manssss.” Darius seeks mo…re of a humble display in his dress and will layout his lay back and snap back to call it a day.


Geza, Hispanic native from Allentown, PA has the perfect style for someone of his stature but will give the average 6’2 gentleman a run for everything in his bank account. He has more of a silent but striking style.


Keith “KayJay” Jones-Nwankwo from North Philadelphia, PA. “..when I moved to Lynchburg, VA my look evolved and began to gradually transition from the rough city boy to the punctual gentleman I believe to be today.”


Corderius from North Carolina who has the oldest Gentleman’s touch, he is the oldest in the bunch or should I say more seasoned because his style came to me as a young male “on a business assignment out here in these streets.” He has the bald head and beard that send a message of hard work meets styling to personify professionalism. Cord dresses free and expresses such diversity in his dress.